Finding a Focus

If there is a point in the life of a writer’s Blog where things have lost their allure, I’ve found it. I should call it the “TURNING THE TIDE Blues”, and it sounds accurate enough. Today I sat down at my computer and clicked on my Blog, hoping to feel inspired…but all I saw were the flaws. What were these flaws, you may ask?

1) The design. I DO love this theme, and once I figured out that it was not the theme that needed changing but the colors and the header, I felt better. After logging on for five months and seeing the same colors, it got boring.

2) The content. I notice that some of my posts get more hits than others, and the photo essays I’ve posted usually interest people. But the last few posts haven’t gotten much traffic, and one of my goals for this year is to have an increase in comments and follows. It’s hard to do when there’s a small audience, and for the first year I Blogged on WordPress my best was two or three followers a post. I admit; it does feel good to have others stop by and “like” my posts! It’s the ego thing, and it helps encourage me to post more often.

What is my Blog about? Travel, student life, impressions I make, things I feel strongly about and writing. That’s succinct enough.

Going on about content, the problems I see are that posts are seemingly random. I’ll have photos in one, I’ll do a few Daily Prompts and then I’ll write a memoir. It’s not very fixed. Perhaps I should make a change? I think I should write posts based on a loose schedule. Three times a week, at most. More is too much.

For example: Quotes Monday, Tuesday: Living in Ireland, The Sunday Special (anything goes–a video, a photo essay, reflection, etc). You get the idea. I hope that if I Blog more regularly and focus on writing a short post or incorporating video that I’ll enjoy it more. With lack of a structure on TURNING THE TIDE, it is almost like I run away from the connections I’ve been trying to make here. I want people to remember that on Tuesdays I write about my study abroad experience, that there is a method to my Blogging. Another change I wish to make is to start the ‘Zero to Hero Blog Challenge‘. This is the first long-time challenge I’ve set out to accomplish on WordPress. Today is Day 1.

I’m open to your ideas for this Blog as well. Please participate in the poll below; it’ll help me solidify my plans for a better 2014! As always, thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “Finding a Focus”

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it funny that we can plod along with our Blogs month after month and realize once we take a step back that it’s time to refresh? Oh, this is going to be a fun year.

  1. The more I think about these two components, the more I like them. I want to be able to laugh at myself a bit–being serious 24/7 isn’t what I want to portray here. Thanks for your input Angie!

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