Welcome to Dublin


It is not difficult to navigate in County Dublin, a fact for which I am most grateful. Either that, or my Frommer’s travel guide was a good investment. The streets are well-marked and even though there are several areas and postal codes in Dublin, it doesn’t take long to get around.

I liked walking through Dublin 1 and 2. Dublin 1 is an area with a slightly older, shabbier appearance than its counterpart. Still, Dublin 1 has a few good pubs and makes a convenient location for travelers. Dublin 2 is more ritzy and is known for its famous pubs, like The Temple Bar and The Auld Dubliner. Dublin 2 also houses Trinity College, which has a picturesque, Ivy-League school quality to it.

St. Mary’s Pro Cathedral on Marlborough St. was enjoyable. It was warm inside which surprised me, as I have been in freezing cold cathedrals before. It smelled of incense and it was nice seeing people kneeling in worship. The displays of Mary and Jesus were not overly elaborate. Then I walked a short distance to the General Post Office on O’Connell St. Lower. I didn’t go inside as they were doing repairs, but it was an impressive building. To me its Georgian exterior seemed regal. It was hard to find the right word for that earlier! Anyway, as I felt the bullet holes on the facade, I thought about the 1916 Easter Rising that took place in Dublin. This was before Michael Collins helped Ireland become a free state. Leaders died by gunshot and fire–a pretty gruesome piece of history.

O’Connell St. was next, one of my favorite discoveries during the tour. You get a great view of the city and you can do everything from banking to buying souvenirs for your friends. I went to Fleet St. and saw the River Liffey in the distance, so I had to go to the famous Ha’Penny Bridge and take pictures! The River Liffey divides North and South Dublin and it is pretty to look at. There are several foot bridges across the river.

After I saw the river I headed towards the charming Temple Bar District. Music, great food and plenty to see there. One day I’ll have to go eat in a couple of pubs with live music! I wanted to see Trinity College, so I kept going and literally stumbled onto the campus. It almost looked fake, everything seemed perfect about the place. I can’t wait to see the Book of Kells and the beautiful library there. I finished my tour at Grafton St. and then called it a day.

Now I really must go to sleep. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Dublin”

  1. I spent some time studying in Northern Ireland as well, only spent a weekend in Dublin but its amazing. If you get a chance, head up to NI and visit Belfast. Enjoy!

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