Tired Muscles, Happy Heart


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One of my personal goals is to get into the best shape of my life. I gave myself a year from last month and wrote that I would need to complete a few workout programs and do activities like swimming and hiking to get there. I think it’s a pretty realistic goal and I can’t wait to cross it off my list!

For the past six years of my life I’ve said, “I’m going to get into shape” and then after a week or two I’d give up. I didn’t push myself hard enough at the gym and stuck to wimpy levels on the treadmill. I wasn’t consistent in track and field, either. The first year of college I didn’t exercise properly–super long gaps between workouts to start with, and when I did a workout I started out running on a treadmill and wore down my muscles before doing the machines and strength training. Sophomore year, the latter end, was slightly more promising. I had a workout buddy and made sure to do cardio and strength training weekly. The problem was with my limited workout knowledge, school schedule and occasional laziness. I didn’t have a plan.

I sound like a hopeless case, don’t I? With this goal I mean to see it through. Some realities include *not* running marathons because I don’t like running all that much and not getting a flat stomach. I have a petite, muscular build (like a gymnast), and I am fine with weights and all. My body fat is mostly in my stomach, which I find incredibly annoying. If there were anything I could change, it would be my stomach and abdominal area. The last time I remember having a flat stomach was maybe freshman year of high school. Puberty is not about to reverse itself.

Here’s my plan. I talked with a friend who loves exercising, and she sent me an ab schedule–I told her I needed major work on that area. She has me doing sit ups, crunches, leg lifts and planks. I do push ups, too, since I build muscle fast in my arms and match the number to my sit ups. And it’s kicking my butt. If I didn’t have my rock and metal music, it would be difficult to keep going. The exercises started out easy, because the number was so small, but now I’m doing numbers like 85 and up. I exercise 3-4 days and then take a break, and repeat. I can do these exercises at the gym or at home, which is convenient. Before I start the day’s workout I stretch so I won’t strain my muscles and stretch sometimes during the workout.

When I was in the second week of the program I got headaches (not enough water in my system) which caused exhaustion and minor frustration. Now I have timed my workouts to roughly an hour and then do half an hour of cardio on the free motion machine. In just over a week I’ll be done with the first workout program and will start a new one.

I’m starting to see results from my first workout plan. I don’t feel as tired during my day and my endurance is increasing. My muscles are not constantly sore anymore, either. Also, I don’t feel as embarrassed as I used to when I look at myself in the mirror. Eating healthier is also a part of this, and I am enthusiastic about finding great recipes to help me. I feel relieved that I am actually making this work. The health benefits are awesome!

There’s no turning back. I’m going to complete this goal and then I’m going to Blog about it!

2 thoughts on “Tired Muscles, Happy Heart”

    1. Thank you! It is time to burn some calories now that midterms are over. Are you planning on going to the gym or will you do exercises at home? It’s never too late to start!

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