Lofty Ambitions? Let’s Avoid That.

“The question used to be “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and now it’s “what are you going to be when you graduate?” The future was always far away, and now it’s at our feet. And that is so, so scary. But empowering”–Sarah Gray Isenberg

believeMy friend, Sarah, posted this last night on Facebook, and I couldn’t help but think about it. Check out her Blog here, she’s an excellent writer and is a hard worker. She inspires me to follow her example and to stay determined even when the bleak moments come in.

Building on this quote, I want to say that I have my own insecurities when it comes to planning “post college” life. Really, where am I going to be in just about 2.5 short years? Am I going to have regrets about what I chose to do for a living? Will I even have a job lined up right after graduation?

Romanticizing the future is all too easy. At the same time, it’s also dangerous. What we think we will do and what we actually end up doing are usually two very different things. It’s time to think realistically.

There are a few things that I know for certain, that I think shine in my favor. 1) I have a high school diploma. 2) I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree. I will get my diploma if it kills me. UC Irvine might be putting a dent in my bank account, but I don’t plan on quitting. 3) I know that there is more than holding the diploma in my eager hands someday, it’s about how I apply the skills I learned in college to other sectors. 4) Though I haven’t had to start paying my “own bills” (a.k.a pay for things with my own money), I am developing a responsible attitude about money. It’s simple–I want to stay within my means and save money throughout my life.

In this economy, it is imperative for me to make wise choices regarding my education and lifestyle. Graduation is not far off, and that gets me thinking about careers. In preparation for becoming a journalist, I have interned at a metro newspaper and am now interning for San Clemente Patch. I am also going to start writing for UCI’s New University next quarter. I assume that I’ll be doing more work as an intern and then maybe find writing jobs on Craigslist while still writing for NewU. I still see potential to land writing jobs without having to live with pain of doing something that I really hate. I also see most writing jobs being tied closely to the Internet. But I also am preparing to apply for jobs outside the writing category, jobs that maybe aren’t glamorous or what I always thought I’d be doing. No matter where I end up, I will not let my pride get too far ahead of me. A job is a job. I might not stay with that one particular job, but it doesn’t mean I need to complain about what I don’t have.

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