San Diego Zoo Photo Gallery

Having only been to two zoos in my life (the Boise Zoo and a zoo in China), yesterday I went and saw what could only be called the “zoo of the zoos” in San Diego. My roommates and friends from Southern California helped me get psyched up to go. So, I left school for the weekend and spent the day seeing cuddly and not-so-cuddly animals with Keith and his family. Here are some pictures from the trip.

IMG_2520My favorite green snake.IMG_2524He looked just like the display picture! IMG_2528 Hogging the lunch plate. IMG_2529The start of the digestion process.

IMG_2533Getting ready for a face off. IMG_2534Collision! IMG_2535 I quit.IMG_2537Another one of the Galapagos Tortoises getting ready for a bath.

IMG_2542Stinky flamingos…they can’t help it, I guess. IMG_2544I liked him. IMG_2550 Thanks, Keith, for taking this one!IMG_2555This one too. I think it pays to be tall. IMG_2561His name is 高高,or “High High” in Chinese. IMG_2562He looks so peaceful! IMG_2567The lynx was very active, compared to the other big cats. IMG_2572Before his feathers puffed up. IMG_2579Meercat, contemplating. IMG_2584In sync. IMG_2585 That elephant had a knack for walking away from me right when I wanted to get a shot–but I put this picture in the gallery because I like the balance of the landscape.IMG_2612The spoonbill spent so much of his concentrated energy on dead fishies! It was exhausting watching him play with his food and not eat a bite.

2 thoughts on “San Diego Zoo Photo Gallery”

  1. It’s been a lot of years since I visited the San Diego Zoo. I spent the whole day and still didn’t see everything. It’s a great place to go. Thanks for bringing back some special memories!

    1. Thanks Linda. I’m glad I was able to snap some good photos, some turned out better than I expected. We didn’t have the chance to see everything, either, in the few hours that we spent there. I’d love to go again!

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